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Facebook Apps Develoment

Facebook is the most popular site in Singapore and an average user in Singapore spends approximately 8 hours a week on it. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to its consumers simply through a platform. Moreover, results have shown that Facebook is no longer just a personal social tool; it is a business tool that delivers positive ROI in terms of branding and marketing.

1. Facebook Applications (Apps)

Facebook apps are a new way to interact with the customers. Through Facebook applications, you can both sustain and develop customer relationships.

  • Increasing brand awareness and loyalty
  • Engaging interactive applications to hook consumers, making them your facebook fans
  • Effective viral marketing objectives through Facebook applications.
  • Generating traffic to your website 

We provide the following facebook apps development:

  1. Games Apps
  2. Utility Apps
  3. Gifting Apps
  4. Multimedia Apps

2. Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan pages provide you with the valuable opportunity to interact with your target audience. Fan pages are not just interactive: they can also be fun, provided they accurately represent your customer profile. The opportunities that a fan page can offer your business include:

  • Interacting and Educating your customers about your latest news, products and services
  • Attracting new customers and retain the existing ones.
  • Marketing your company. Now you can easily market your products and services on a more interactive and engaging platform.
  • Tracking, measuring and analysis: Now you can access key information about your fans, including age, gender, social affiliations and – most importantly – likes and interests!

We provide the following services to Facebook Fan page

  1. Facebook page design
  2. Welcome page design
  3. Contact us form
  4. Polls and Survey
  5. Contest
  6. Multimedia
  7. Job postings
  8. Setting up online store on facebook page

3. Make your website socially connnected 

You can make your website cocically connected through a number of facebook plugins. We can make your website Faceook ready

  1. Facebook Fan Box
  2. Facebook Connect 
  3. Adding Facebook Like to content pages
  4. Facebook Comment to your articles and blog
  5. Your friends and fans activity Feeds